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Welcome to the Hosst.App SDK

Server-side helper libraries (or Server-side SDKs) make it easy for you to use Hosst's REST APIs, generate HosstML, and perform other common server-side programming tasks. These helper libraries are available in a variety of popular server-side programming languages. Available 2023

iOS & Android SDKs

Mobile OS SDKs enable you to create home events, home devices, and embed real-time omnichannel household conversations in your native iOS or Android apps. Get started with the SDK you need.

OpenAPI Specification

Hosst's OpenAPI specification empowers you with a broad set of developer tooling, ranging from Postman collections to API mocking to automatic client generation in over 40 programming languages. Available 2023

JavaScript SDKs

Hosst's JavaScript SDKs are used in the browser to create smart home tasks, create home services and devices events and reminders, or implement real-time omnichannel chat. Get started with the SDK you need.

Getting Started

A step-by-step tutorial for getting started with the SDKs, right from installing to making your first API call.


Easily authenticate the client for making calls to the server.

SDKs & Code Samples

Code Samples are the quickest path to the first hello world, while SDKs lift the heavy burden of communication with an API.

API Console

Start making Live API calls with your input without writing a single line of code.